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Well, the time has finally come.  I just sent EB, my youngest, off to kindergarten and I feel as though my life is beginning anew.  It is like a whole new stage of my life is beginning, one filled with more time for my passions and pursuits.  But I also feel so much pressure.  I have been home with my kids now for eight years; I can not believe it has been that long.  During that time there was no time, and therefore a endless supply of excuses.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing.  In addition to the full time job of raising small children I have grown a business based on the skills of my past career (Does your small business need a great website?), become a writer both in actuality and now finally in my heart and become an active member of my community.  And that just brushes the surface.  But somehow that has always seemed peripheral.  There has always been this time looming when I am supposed to stop making excuses and start getting back to being a productive adult, whatever that means.  And now the time is here.

I feel like I have been given this amazing opportunity that so few people get to plan and build the future that I want.   What is going to fill me up and allow me to thrive and prosper in a way that provides balance and calm, the ability to be flexible for my kids, and the space to help them pursue their dreams?  What a gift I have been given.  Now don’t blow it!  Oh, the pressure is immense.

Enter The Redesigned Group.

I have created a group of blogs to help me explore what interests me, pursue my writing and hopefully find a way to focus and structure my time and mind.  Hey, maybe I will even make some money some day.  I have spent the last year planning and planning and building out the sites, waiting for this time when I will have the time to see it through, and now it is go time.

Welcome!  I am so excited to get started.  Please save a bookmark, share or subscribe, this is going to be really great!

What to expect from The Redesigned World

I don’t know about you, but I am entirely fed up with all the partisan bullshit and crappy media coverage.  I constantly find myself with questions that no one is answering and what seems like a good idea and the obvious solution that no one is talking about.

I have an insatiable curiosity and I just can’t sit with all these unanswered questions.  I need an outlet to explore these topics in more depth, so here we are.

Politics can be a tricky things and cause lots of people to say things that are not appropriate or productive.  I welcome intelligent discussion and debate; It is crucial to the democratic process, which is our obligation as the citizens of the United States.

I will in no way tolerate hate or ugliness on this site.  All comments will be moderated.